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The Erik-Prince, China, Russian, 45th-POTUS Cabal, and Collusions.

[March 21, 2018]:
Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a British political consulting firm ran data operations for The POTUS Cabal, Donald John Trump’s 2016 campaign. Cambridge Analytica consulting firm was banned from Facebook on March 16. Here’s the spin you need to know.

The master-mind blueprint of Cambridge Analytica firm that won the White House for 45th-POTUS, Donald j. Trump, by hacking into Google, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube revealed in an internal Cambridge Analytica firm company document obtained by investigators.

The 27-page document produced by Cambridge Analytica firm officials who worked most closely on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

A former Cambridge Analytica firm employee explained the details, the techniques, and the deviant used by the Trump campaign to microaggression-target innocent US voters with tailored messages for the Republican nominee across multiple digital channels.

An intensive data modeling research, and performance-optimizing algorithms application used targeting 50,000 different ads to an audience of 50,000,000 in the election.

These ads were viewed billions of times, according to cyber-security analysts and investigators viewed company filings.

The document was presented to Cambridge Analytica firm employees in London, New York and Washington DC weeks after Trump’s victory, provides an insight into how the firm pull off one of the most dramatic political shifts polarizing the entire planet earth in modern history.

Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a British political consulting firm which combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process. It was started in 2013 as an offshoot of the SCL Group. The company is partly owned by the family of Robert Mercer, an American hedge-fund manager who supports many politically conservative causes. The firm maintains offices in London, New York City, and Washington, D.C.
Top Investigators with Britain’s information commissioner searched the London headquarters of Cambridge Analytica firm.

The search was for harvested the extremely private-personal data of millions of Facebook users globally masked as a campaign to influence the U.S. 2016 presidential elections.
British High Court judge granted the warrant to the data watchdog Information Commissioner’s Office, allowing its investigators to search the firm’s businesses.
The POTUS, Donald Trump, new national security adviser colluded with Cambridge Analytica, (a British political consulting firm), data-mining facebook personal/private profile dishonestly.

This super PAC ran by former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton paid Cambridge Analytica more than $1.1 million since 2014 for data-mining and research.
According to a Center for Public Integrity investigations that reviewed Cambridge Analytica finance records discovered gross dishonorable conduct breaching privacy on a global scale.
The firm also worked for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Trump in the 2016 elections doing the exact same infringements.
The 45th POTUS, Donald john Trump said effective April 9th-2018 would replace National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster with John Bolton, (former U.N. Ambassador) into this position.

This John Bolton Super PAC spent millions on Republican candidate Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and against Democrats such as New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan.
A recent press release stated it hoped to increase that spending in 2018.
This predatory super PAC was also among the first clients for Cambridge Analytica, and it’s account was suspended on Facebook March 16th-2018 for breaching terms-of-service hacking private Facebook accounts.

This firm colluded private-personal data from more than 50 million Facebook users without their permission.
A British news channel showed the Cambridge Analytica firm’s CEO admitting to bribes and entrapment against public officials led to major criticism.
John Bolton’s connection to Cambridge Analytica through Robert Mercer, a billionaire conservative donor, and a major investor in the firm, and is one of the most largest donors in the John Bolton Super PAC.
John Bolton will face questions on Capitol Hill about his ties. The position of national security adviser does not require Senate confirmation.
Neither Bolton, the White House, nor the National Security Council responded to CNN requests and questions on the collusion’s connected with Cambridge Analytica firm’s breach Facebook user privacy on March-22nd-2018 evening.

This U.S. Nation’s unveiling of Donald j. Trumps Truer Anti-American Agenda

The use of Facebook private-personal-data to influence the U.S. presidential election and lying to the citizens of the United States of America is now factual.

British corporate records filings unveil Alexander Nix, (the suspended chief executive of Cambridge Analytica), and the director of a company called Emerdata Ltd. that was incorporated in August 2017 uncovers more illegal activities.
The Emerdata directors associated with Cambridge Analytica, along includes Johnson Ko Chun Shun, who was appointed in January.
Ko is also deputy chairman of Hong Kong-based Frontier Services Group, (FSG), whose CEO is the private military mercenary Erik-Prince.
Erik Prince and his FSG are no strangers to investing in African conflicts or providing his ‘security solutions’ , after negotiations with the African South West State of Somalia’s President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden.

Alexander Nix
Alexander Nix: On Tuesday, Cambridge Analytica said that it had suspended Alexander Nix, it chief operating officer, pending an independent investigation regarding the comments that he made to an undercover reporter that were recorded secretly.

FSG was given the PMC contract of providing logistical support to the Somali South West State’s Administration council’s Free Zone Investment Authority (FZIA).
This is designed to attract international foreign investments into the southern Somalia region with intent on creating jobs, reanimate a flaccid economy, injecting wealth and prosperity back into the war-torn south.
This is Erik-Prince’s trademark advanced protective services to keep his Chinese and possibly United Arab Emirates (UAE) investors money secure, abundant, and lucrative.

Former Navy SEAL and founder of the now defunct private security company Blackwater, who holds the title of CEO for the Hong Kong based private equity firm Frontier Services Group (FSG), -i.e. Erik Prince War Profiteer.
This all attracted attention with concerns of Erik-Prince plots providing U.S. Military Special Forces Veterans employment, involvement, and investing in life threatening risky business overseas, and assisting Chinese companies with activities on U.S. soil.
This is China’s most largest and biggest state-owned company, Citic, is a major FSG shareholder signatures to the world and embarrassing the United States huge problems now landing on Donald j. Trump’s shoulders.
A Cambridge University cyber-security researcher developed a cell-phone-app engineered for Cambridge Analytica firm to data-harvest millions of U.S. Facebook users private-personal information.

The extremely personal private messages were stolen too, and they even created scapegoats. Huge failure for the POTUS Cabal administration.
Mr. Alexandr Kogan interviewed on BBC that all the information he provided was obtained legitimately have now been uncovered as a total lie
Alexandr Kogan said he was approached by Cambridge Analytica that is being investigated by British and U.S. federal and international authorities for misuse of personal-private Facebook users data and this is what this scoundrel said:
“They approached me and I agreed in full. In terms of the usage of Facebook personal-users-data wrote into the terms of service for the data-mining cell-phone app provided legal advice that is now all inappropriate.”

This Mr. Alexandr Kogan admitted he did not question the illegal use of this data, and no-one was concerned having a lawyer review the agreement, because they all knew Donald j. Trump would say don’t bother and just do it now.
Cambridge Analytica firm suspended its top executive for negligent misuse of private-personal Facebook user data in an international criminal level.
Company filings show Donald j.Trump in fully affiliated in this data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica has full business colluded connections to this Chinese private-security and logistics company with Erik-Prince as CEO.
This horrid Chinese private-security and logistics company is operated by Erik Prince, CEO, a former Navy SOCOM Seal who was the founder Blackwater international LLC, a private-military that murdered countless civilians mockingly caught on video.

During Erik-Prince’s questioning before congress he often mockingly laughed at question shot across his bow making a bitch of the entire U.S. senatorial congressional proceedings and walked away laughing unscathed by the U.S. government entirely, deplorable.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

This book is written by independent journalist “Jeremy Scahill”, published by Nation Books in 2007. This is a history and analysis of Blackwater USA, now called Academi. It won one of the 2007 George Polk Awards.
Synopsis: In the book, Scahill contends that Blackwater exists as a mercenary force, and argues that Blackwater’s rise is a consequence of the demobilization of the US military following the Cold War and its over-extension in Iraq and Afghanistan. He describes further how Blackwater is a Praetorian Guard, protecting top authority figures and abusing immunity from constraints and regulations on traditional U.S. Military. Scahill proves Blackwater leadership was motivated by a “Right-Wing Republican Ideology”, and its founder, Erik Prince, has provided significant assistance in that venue.

“Blackwater” later became “Xe”, and changed name again which is currently “Academi LLC.”
Title: CA Firm linked PMC-mercenary Erik-Prince back-channeling Trump and Putin support.
POTUS Cabal digital operation Cambridge Analytica firm links Erik Prince a PMC-Mercenary.

Erik-Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, serves as education secretary appointed by U.S. President Donald j. Trump.
On Monday, (03-18-2018), the company filings show that Cambridge Analytica firm is economically linked with a “Chinese security and logistics company run by Erik Prince as CEO.”
The investigators also found that suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO “Alexander Nix” is the director of Emerdata Ltd. The company was incorporated in 2017.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (left) and Alexander Nix, the recently suspended CEO of Cambridge Analytica, are seen in this composite photo. Lawsuits have been filed in the United States over improper use of private-personal information of millions of Facebook users by Cambridge Analytica. Facebook Inc. and the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica have been sued in the United States for obtaining information belonging to 50 million of the social media company’s users without permission. The proposed class-action complaint filed late Tuesday night by Lauren Price, a Maryland resident, is the first of what could be thousands or perhaps millions of lawsuits seeking damages over Facebook’s user data sales. Cambridge Analytica’s exploitation of that extremely private-personal data to benefit President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Blackwater founder Eric Prince held a secret two-day meeting in the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean with a Russian official close to Vladimir Putin, the Washington Post reports. It was an apparent bid to establish a back channel of communication between the Kremlin and then-president-elect Donald Trump according to the Post. The meeting took place on January 11, nine days before Trump’s inauguration. Officials from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreed to broker the meeting to see if Russia might roll back its support of Iran, including in Syria. The Trump administration would likely need to make major concessions to Moscow, particularly on U.S. sanctions, for Russia to do so. The full agenda discussed at the meeting is still unclear, according to U.S., European, and Arab officials who spoke with reporters. The officials said Prince presented himself as an unofficial envoy for Trump to high-ranking Emiratis who set up the meeting with the Russian official, whom they did not identify.

According to the news-wire service, Johnson Ko Chun Shun is a director of Emerdata and sits on the board of Frontier Services Group, and the CEO is Erik-Prince.
While working with Trump’s POTUS Cabal transition team, Prince was setting up back-channel communications between POTUS Cabal and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
American Mercenary Was in Talks with Azerbaijan over Weaponized Crop Duster.
The weapons dealer did not have a license to sell to Azerbaijan, however, and the deal fell through.

A Thrush-510G crop dusting aircraft was weaponized as part of negotiations between Trump’s Cabal, the American-born republican and PMC-Mercenary Erik-Prince, and the Azerbaijan head Military Ministry of Defense.
Erik-Prince sold a modified Thrush-510 crop duster aircraft to Azerbaijan’s military, contravening United States international laws regards defense exports that the watchdogs investigations has found.
Erik-Prince, (one of Trump’s secretive POTUS Cabal members), secretly brokered deals selling American-made technologies to China and Russia.
Erik-Prince is caught selling the Thrush-510G aircraft retrofitted with weapons, and surveillance equipment added, to Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense.

In 2014, retired Gen. James Mattis, now secretary of defense, reportedly referred to the United Arab Emirates as “Little Sparta.” He was favorably comparing the UAE to the historic Greek city-state, known for its military prowess, especially against the Persians during the Greco-Persian Wars. Mattis presumably did so not only because of a strong politico-military alliance between the United States and the UAE, but also because the UAE has for years been working on strengthening its military capabilities

The deal fell apart after Prince’s company’s management caught wind of the project and hired a law firm to investigate uncovering The Putin, Trump, China, Erik-Prince Cabal.
“The evidence strongly points at the POTUS Cabal. Erik-Prince was offering a foreign defense article (i.e., an attack aircraft) for sale to the Azerbaijan M.O.D.” the company’s lawyers found, The investigators reported.
The lawyers determined that Erik-Prince has no export-licensing to export lethal weapons to Azerbaijan.

The company, “Frontier Services Group”, voluntarily reported its findings to the State Department.
“This violation stem from Erik-Princes dishonorable misconduct,” FSG’s CEO wrote to the director of the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controller, in a letter obtained by investigative news-media.
Erik-Prince weaponized the Thrush-510D crop duster aircraft “without FSG management knowledge” to “prevent management oversight”.

Mr. Prince, “out of his own personal incentive, and interests directed the aircraft modification.
Mr. Erik-Prince promoted the sale of the modified aircraft to a private buyers who would pass it onto the Azerbaijan government.
The Azerbaijan deal was part of a larger project which Erik-Prince was creating a “Private-Military Air-Force” of his own creation.
The centerpiece of this force was the Thrush-510D crop duster which was modified to include surveillance and laser targeting equipment, as well as two 23-mm machine guns and nerve agent delivery system.
The main marketing target is African countries engaged in counterinsurgency wars.
It was clear this Mercenary POTUS Cabal is to use Azerbaijan supplying nerve agents to African nations and to murder innocent women and children then later blame it on oppositions.

A 23-mm gun is not a powerful war arena weapon, but would be effective against light armored guerrilla groups, and Azerbaijan’s main foe is Armenia and its conventional armed forces is suspect target for would-be blame for the nerve agent attack.
Azerbaijan has been sneaky in its aircraft purchases. The Azerbaijan military was the first country ever to use Israel’s “kamikaze drone,” the Harop, in battle.
Erik-Prince is guilty of a long history in Azerbaijan war profiteering as a private-military-contractor.
Mr. Prince’s former company name was “Blackwater” and hired by the Pentagon to train Azerbaijani naval special forces in 2004, and ever since kept his annual business ties lucrative from behind closed doors.

Prince’s offer to sell the aircraft was broader conflict proposal to Azerbaijan for security and logistical services with off-shore money exchanges.
Erik-Prince’s was internally known by FSG as ‘Project Zulu, and no one cared until an undisclosed private cyber-security watchdog outsmarted Erik-Prince, and caught him red-handed.
Prince used FSG’s legitimacy to privately pitch an array of services to Azerbaijan.
This investigation prove Trump connection with everything Prince offered to the Azerbaijani government was a service FSG couldn’t provide.
Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to a request for comment.
It is only rumored that Mark Zuckerberg Cyber-Security team is the ones responsible for uncovering the Trump Cabal, and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook made themselves purposely fall victim drawling attention from themselves and not the solution, but in the soup with the rest.

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