A Peep Inside the Drone Factory of DJI…

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A Peep Inside the Drone Factory of DJI...

You’ve heard of DJI right? The company behind the Phantom series? Fancy a peek at how their factory works? Then carry on reading…

DJI tests their drones before sending them out to customers. This involves testing out the camera and the included SD card to see camera is transmitting properly and to see if the SD card is storing the data. It’s just that sometimes, they forget to wipe the SD card…

So this is a clip discovered by a customer and it shows a day in a life of a DJI factory worker. He doesn’t seem to thrilled…. the women by his side seems to be enjoying her work though.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened to DJI but these videos don’t highlight many tricks of the trade – they just show the monotony of factory work.

Inspired you to order the new DJI Mavic? Who knows what you’ll see on your SD card…

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