BLHeli Configurator Chrome App

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BLHeli Configurator Chrome App

BLHeliSuite has problems. For one thing, it only runs on Windows. And its approach to handling multiple ESCs is a little cumbersome. Now there’s a BLHeli Configurator GUI Chrome App. The interface is optimized and since it’s a Chrome app, it’ll run on any of the major operating systems. I’ll show you where to get this app and give you a quick tour of what it can do.…


BLHeli_S Configurator

 What is BLHeli_S? What’s the difference between BLHeli_S and BLHeli? Is BLHeli 16.x the same as BLHeli? Can you flash BLHeli_S to your BLHeli ESCs? Does BLHeli support multishot or oneshot42? Why can’t you adjust damped light on your BLHeli ESCs? Is BLHeli_S really better than BLHeli? Have you ever said a word so many times that it lost all meaning? BLHeli BLHeli BLHeli BLHeli BLHeli?…


BLHeli – 100% Explained In Detail


Please consider supporting me via Patreon at:… Every single BLHeli option, explained. Well, the multirotor options anyway. Direct links to specific options below.
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1:15 – Read The Friendly Manual.
2:06 – PPM Min and Max.
3:15 – Beacon Delay and Beacon Strength.
4:54 – Beep Strength.
5:12 – Input Polarity.
5:54 – PPM Center Throttle and Motor Direction.
6:25 – PWM Frequency.
8:20 – Enable PWM Input.
9:36 – Demag Compensation.
12:44 – Motor Timing.
16:09 – Low RPM Power Protect.
16:32 – PWM Output Dither.
17:59 – Temperature Protection.
18:39 – Startup Power.
20:03 – Closed Loop Mode.
21:52 – Motor Gain.
22:54 – Programming By TX

How To Use BLHeli Passthrough to Program BLHeli ESCs.

Please consider supporting me via Patreon at:… BLHeli passthrough means that you can flash or program your BLHeli ESCs using your flight controller’s USB port, rather than having to connect the ESCs up to a toolstick or Arduino programmer. This is especially helpful if you direct-solder your ESCs, but it’s really great for anyone who runs BLHeli to be able to quickly adjust your ESC configuration without having to take your copter apart. BLHeli passthrough is also sometimes known as Cleanflight passthrough or Betaflight passthrough. My previous video on this topic is one of my most popular ones, but it’s a bit out of date, so I wanted to do an update.

If you use BLHeli Configurator firmware on your ESC, you have undoubtedly used BLHeli Configurator Suite to configure your ESC, and if you fly FPV quadcopters you probably even use cleanflight passthrough mode to configure all your ESC at once! However if you are one of the strange people who dont use windows, it was a pain to use via a windows emulator, as its a windows only app. And if you are on windows, its still an extra app you need to install and update.

Well DieHertz has recently released a Chrome App for BLheli ESC’s, called BLHeli Configurator. Now along with cleanflight/betaflight apps you now have a BLHeli Configurator app that lets you configure your ESC’s on any PC, be it windows, mac or linux! However since its a new release the only current limitation is that it will only connect to your ESC via passthrough mode (but future updates will allow you to connect directly via arduino, or a programming device). To be fair just about everyone uses passthrough mode anyways, and if you dont, you should!

Key Features

The interface has been smartly redesigned with a common parameters section on the left which includes all the parameters that are shared between the ESC’s connected to your flight controller. This includes things like brake on stop, motor timing, beacon strength etc.. This is great as it makes sure all these settings are the same on all your ESC’s.

The second part of the interface devices all the individual ESC settings on the right that might be different between your ESC’s, such as motor direction, and the PWM calibration values.
Included is also the ability to update the firmware on your ESC’s just like you can with BLHeli Configurator Suite.

Overall its a great new app that I am sure will become the standard de facto app for configuration your BLHeli ESC! And the best is this is just an early release so we will see more features added. Head over to the chrome web store to install BLHeli Configurator now! 


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