Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade

Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade

Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade throughout Central and South America and trending in North America. Many border communities have missing children throughout the south boarder. Linked to missing children throughout United States and Canada points to Central/South American now. …

Female Black Market Target

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a. “Human Trafficking”.
b. “Black market Body Organs Trade”.
c. “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade”.

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

Doctors are the primary targets for illegal black-market body organ trade into the millions per-month and billions per-year.
Have rumored with off shore accounts and account in Bolivia, Iceland, North Korea and the like.
Children and young adults often have been kidnapped and needle marks have been found on their bodies after dropped of into ditches as dead signatured as professionally harvested.

Many children end up as food for pigs. chickens and other live stock foods.
Oother children and young adults are found alive with body organ parts found all intact, because of health CDC health risks excluded from black-market body organ trade.
As once example; “Hepatitis-C/A, Herpes and other STD’s” to name only few save their lives and as with many captures fear recognized kill their captured subjects and as mentioned others never be found ending up as animal biol excrement waste.
The “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” and organized criminals is a huge problem in the U.S. for Caucasians and others living living abroad, but all youth regardless of ethnicity are targeted world wide.

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

A. [ Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade ]:
In The U.S. South-Border locations of Central and South America are the primary targets for “Human Trafficking” within all these regions for “Black market Body Organs Trade”.
Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade is an international crisis that target regional conflicts globally.

Mostly African Nations have their own primary trade market, as do all Asian continents, Russian and now as an international market have risen to a black-ops level industrialized market-place deeper than the black-web ever imagine itself.

This multi-culture weather-underground is a socialist communist river of blood dancing in the darkness of free enterprise.
This black market is so overtly secretive even the American POTUS has not been informed yet what is written here.

Recent  “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” are woven into drug trafficking have made recent publications to global communities do to internet.
Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade have been the spiders web painted in child trafficking blood within global conflict for decades to countless centuries into a global Cabal industry modern day.

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

C. [ Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade ]:
Here is another “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” nightmare Main-Stream-Media make unpopular throughout the world.
The MSM gives little to no recognition to this until of recent, “January 27, 2015”, article reads. Farm pigs are the common animal used to transplant aborted human fetuses body organs to grow.

Once in maturity harvested is more high-tech industry in the over-all “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” is increasingly being targeted by Global Law Enforcement efforts. New technologies have arisen where aborted human body organs-[Video] found here. Since technology have been increasing with such advancements we will have less of these horrific criminal activities of missing children kidnappings.

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

The studies of “Human Trafficking” within the “Black market Body Organs Trade” is astounding in the least.
Often times global markets target certain ethnicities for racial issues related to the client’s prejudicial nature as root of preferences.
Any specific client may have an ethnicity choice for organ body organ parts.

Years ago this was never the issue, because the market was not as fluid in todays growing global conflicts that attract body snatchers for body organ meat market profits.Current Illegal “Black Market Body Organs   Trade” of “Human Trafficking” have become more complex for the organized criminal domestic terrorists throughout global regions do to the industrialized market place.

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

Big players are now in the global market.
in the illegal organs trade are regional to global organized criminal gang organization forcing cost market fluctuation and many body-snatchers found dead killed by by better financed body snatchers.
A new network of ER  doctors throughout the U.S. given million dollar price tag per-body count safe-kill-and-preserve hospital patients.
many of the patients have poor to no life insurance and do not have strong nepotism family name ties or no family at all.
The cost per-medical records for RH Neg blood types are sky rocketing globally.
Black-Market-Free-Trade goin insane.
Primary targets are any and all are the illegal alien, nomads, hobos and street people globally with clean-body organs fall victim to “Black Market Body Organs Trade” of “Human Trafficking” .

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

Over-all the “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” are organized criminal street thug gangs globally have found increased of profits since dawn of modern medicine makes this possible.
Free flow of “Human Trafficking” even occupy private internet conferences held biannual by criminal organized medical mental health professionals, medical nurses, insurance companies, medical doctors globally to recruit new traffickers and think tank marketing.
New medical personnel and those common folk who wish to get rid of family members in the “Human Trafficking” of “Black market Body Organs Trade”, are opening up new markets.

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

What better way to relieve yourself of unwanted irritating and annoying family members, relatives and not have to worry about the safe disposal of dead bodies dragging them through the wilderness to safe undisclosed burials.
Image, to think every-day always frightened that they will be found in prosecution via DNA evidence.
So, Are you kicked off welfare, don’t want your children anymore, not making any monthly head-cash off of your welfare-children for your drug and alcohol addictions?

Well then, the international body organ black-market has a solution for all of you.
Yes, they have a solution for all of you!
The only myth about missing children is that the over-all public never being informed by the MSM.
“Be Advised”, many of your children never died for the flag of your nation black market body organ traffickers confess from behind prison cell walls to other inmates.

“Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade”

In every devastating war attracts body organ harvesters and body snatchers.
Many times children are captured, held captive, kept in a state of terror when
harvesting their blood for the highest bidder on black-markets.
Other children are bid upon by wealthiest millionaire/billionaires that keep the children’s bodies in refrigerators to consume world wide.

Bodies of children are always found in many different death configuration events and MSM never gives much concern to advise the world lay with guilt?
Who’s Children Will Die For These Wars as Civilian Casualties and this true deeper reasons as to why?
Yes, these rabbit holes all end into the depths of hell itself where truth is far more terrifying than any horrid fiction film.
Dreaded, Hollywood is terrified shuddering in the closets globally in a cold sweat; one of many industries wading in blood bridle deep.

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