Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade

Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade

Human Trafficking never released to the public, because national and international unrest, and other security issues.

Female Black Market Target

1 (888) 373-7888

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

SMS: 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Languages: English, Spanish and 200 more languages

Reference target key content:

a. “Human Trafficking”
b. “Black market Body Organs Trade”
“Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade”

Target #1:

A. [ Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade ]:

Caucasians are often primary targets for “Human Trafficking” within the regions of Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New-England, Arizona, New-Mexico and throughout the U.S. and who are (1.)middle class  and (2.)poor of clean health records usually for “Black market Body Organs Trade”. Doctors are the primary targets for illegal black-market body organ trade into the millions per-month. Children often have been kidnapped and needle marks have been found on their bodies after being released as dead and others found alive with no body organ parts found because of health issues that exclude these targets from black-market body organ trade. As once example; “Hepatitis-C” to name only one.  The “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” and organized criminals is a huge problem in the U.S. for Caucasians living in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey and Florida which are the primary targets in the United States.

Target #2: “Organ Theft Rumors Surface in Mexico Arrests”.

A. [ Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade ]:
South-Border locations are the second primary targets “Human Trafficking” within all southern regions of Florida to the west coastal regions, including TX, NM, AZ, UT, NV, OR, NB and thinning out throughout the U.S. of “Black market Body Organs Trade”.  Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade; Other races in the united states are not targeted a regular do tot he nature of other target ethnic origins. Mostly African Nations have their own primary trade market, as do all Asian continents, Russian and the same internationally. This multi-culture culture is very secretive and of recent the “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” and related drug trafficking have made recent publications to global communities.

Target #3: “Aborted human fetuses harvested to grow kidney organs in rats for transplantation into human patients”.

C. [ Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade ]: Here is another “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” which is popular throughout the world and little recognition is given to this until of recent, “January 27, 2015”, article reads. As not noted pigs are the common animal used to transplant aborted human fetuses body organs to grow and then later once in maturity harvested is more high-tech industry in the over-all “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade.” New technologies have arisen where aborted human body organs-[Video].  When and since technology have been increasing with such advancements we will have less of these horrific, deplorable criminal activities of missing children… So, we pray.

[ Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade ]:

The studies of “Human Trafficking” within the “Black market Body Organs Trade” is astounding in the least. Often times global markets target certain ethnicities for racial issues related to the recipient’s prejudicial nature of preferences.  So and therefore, any specific ethnicity choice may not want body organ parts from other ethnic races which is now a normal tailored black practice globally.  Years ago this was never the issue, but as of current the Illegal “Black Market Body Organs Trade” of “Human Trafficking” have become more complex for the organized criminal domestic terrorists throughout global regions. Big plays in the illegal organs trade are organized criminal gangs that rely on a network of  doctors throughout the U.S. to sell patients medical records for double and triple digit international currency of value. Primary targets are any and all are the homosapien illegal alien body organ trade, second those who are citizens, and third lastly are other species of animals.

Over-all the “Human Trafficking”, “Black market Body Organs Trade” and organized criminal gangs throughout the U.S. have found increased of profits since 2010. Florida, and Mexico/U.S. American South border regions are very lucrative in cash flow of “Human Trafficking” and there are private conferences held biannual by criminal organized medical mental health professionals, medical nurses and medical doctors abroad U.S. to recruit new traffickers, new medical personnel and those common folk who wish to get rid of family members in the “Human Trafficking” of “Black market Body Organs Trade”, by-proxy cleaners. What better way to relieve yourself of unwanted irritating and annoying family members, relatives and not have to worry about the safe disposal of dead bodies dragging them through the wilderness and every-day always frightened that they will be found afterwards prosecution via DNA evidence. SO, Are you kicked off welfare, don’t want your children anymore, not making any monthly head-cash off of your welfare-children for your drug and alcohol addictions?  Well then, United States, they have a solution for all of you!  The only myth about missing children is that the over-all public is not being informed of these current events on your door-steps and globally.

“Be Advised”,
[ Human Trafficking, Black Market Body Organ Trade ]:

I can make mockery directed at all citizens and non-citizens in the United States who are directly involved as victim or persecutors. This boils your skin all down to this, You must get mocked, laughed at, and ridiculed as a Nation and as a general public to make you stand up and publicly enforce change for the safety and well-being of your United States and for all citizens who reside be`it immigrants, illegal aliens, or citizens born on this soil or not, to make a stand and let your voice be heard and stop this horrid, deplorable mistreatment and butchery. People deserve to know the truth and people should never be punishing the public for reporting such facts.

Shame on you Rio-Rancho NM and New-Mexico abroad and this great U.S. Nation for not informing the general public.

God Bless America.

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