RSS Feed Commander Control the look, content, character count, and even the font and colors for any RSS feed you want to display on your page.  Just paste the RSS feed URL and press the button, trying .php first. Then tweak the settings it until you think it looks good, and generate your code again.

RSS Feed Commander


RSS Feed Commander: Paste the code into the .html on your website, and you’ll be displaying the RSS feed of your choice, and it will appear as you wish.  Please note that if you think you’re going to grab the RSS feeds of other websites to generate content on your website that will instantly rank, you’d better guess again.

RSS Feed Commander: However, using  this tool intelligently will automatically freshen any page, increasing spider visit frequency and helping refresh those Google cache dates. However, if you’re going to use RSS feeds of your own original content to freshen otherwise static areas of your website, then this is the tool for you, and best of all, it’s free – although – there is a paid version too that allows you to change or remove the backlink.

RSS Feed Commander: This should work on almost any host, but when your pages are .htm or .html, your webhost MAY not have turned on SSI (Sever Side Includes) by default. Therefore, in some cases, you MAY need to go into your web hosting control panel, and enable SSI (Server Side Includes) to be allowed for your specific file extensions. This is rare, but if it’s not working for you, then that’s probably what’s wrong.

RSS Feed Commander