Ultimate AdBlocker Detecting Software Guide [edit-me]

One of The Most Ultimate AdBlocker Detecting Software Guides

2.  AdRecovery

Ultimate AdBlock Detecting Software Guide is here.

Like most things, if we do not act upon something another smart-ass person eventually will and get credit for it.

Many of us have been playing with the idea of adding ads to this site for a while, and recently I’ve been testing a couple different ad layouts.

I myself run adblocking software and I noticed that they simply removed the ads without removing/hiding the containing divs.

That meant that when my site was viewed with the Ultimate AdBlock Detecting Software Guide and learn to make adblocking software enabled, there were huge white spaces in my site that could be used for displaying content.

That’s when I set out on my path to find a way to detect ad-blocking software and change my site accordingly.

The plan was to find out if the user or client was preventing ads from being displayed, and if so, get rid of the ad divs all together.

That’s when I came across this site: http://detect-ad-blocking-software.webconrad.com/.

This author was faced with a similar dilemma but wished to display a different message and donate button in the event that the ads weren’t being displayed.

The method he used is found elsewhere on the internet, so I don’t know who to give original credit to.

I simply chose his site because it was the easiest to understand and it actually worked.

His method involves making a fake or dummy “ad” that no ad blocker would possibly allow, then seeing if that made it through.

If that ad didn’t, it would follow that the real ones probably didn’t either. If it did, then certainly the real ones are being displayed.

I tried the code myself and it does work for most ad blocking software.

It didn’t however, work for my firewalls built in ad blocking abilities.

I use NetBarrier and when I have the “Banner Filter” enabled, that guys ad block detection method doesn’t work.

That’s why I’ve written my own method which should work for any ad blocking software around.

The key difference between his and my approach is that mine tests the actual ad itself to see if it was displayed, and his tests a decoy ad.

How it works:

  1. Get the ad code as the browser evaluates it with ad blocking software disabled.
  2. Get the ad code as the browser evaluates it with ad blocking software enabled.
  3. Search for a key difference that you can test between the two.
  4. Set up a simple if statement and change the code accordingly.

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