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Friday, May 31, 2019

Reference: "Xilinx Wiki"

Xilinx FPGA Wiki

 Reference: "Xilinx Wiki"

Note: We have recently transitioned to our new Wiki. Please report any issues you find.

Welcome to the Xilinx Wiki!

The purpose of the wiki is to provide you with the tools you need to complete projects and tasks which use Xilinx products. We are committed to working with communities to contribute high quality code in our publicly available GIT repositories.
If you have any technical questions on the subjects contained in this Wiki please ask them on the boards located at Xilinx Community Forums. There are multiple boards on the Xilinx Community Forums. Please try to select the best one to fit your topic. If there are any issues with this Wiki itself or its infrastructure please report them here. Thank you.

Linux made easy

PetaLinux Tools offers everything necessary to customize, build and deploy Embedded Linux solutions on Xilinx processing systems. Tailored to accelerate design productivity, the solution works with the Xilinx hardware design tools to ease the development of Linux systems for Zynq®-7000 SoCs, and MicroBlaze. More information is available on the PetaLinux wiki page

Look at the Getting Started page and the Quick Start Guide.
Linux Drivers and Baremetal Drivers and Libraries are documented on these pages.


The Xilinx Linux project is a customized non-commercial Linux distribution catered towards development on Zynq SoC and MicroBlaze. Developers new to Linux may wish to consider commercial Linux solutions instead.

MicroBlaze™ is the Xilinx FPGA-based, 32- bit RISC Harvard architecture soft processor. It supports advanced architecture options such as AXI interface, Memory Management Unit (MMU), instruction and data-side cache, configurable pipeline depth and Floating-Point unit (FPU). The soft processor core is included with the Xilinx software tools.

Join the Community: Access our Git servers & Submit Patches

We encourage our customers to share their code; see Create and Submit a Patch to contibute your code. We are working on sending all of the code we develop upstream.You can access the code we develop by visiting our Git server: which is managed by Git (
Please help us improve the depth and quality of information on this wiki. We encourage you to add and edit these pages. You may provide us feedback by sending email to

Technical Support

Technical Support varies depending on the software and configurations utilized. Support is available for Xilinx provided customizations only; any modifications are not supported. For a detailed listing of all Embedded Software components and what is supported, please reference Embedded SW Support .
All other content, including Open Source Linux on MicroBlaze™ and PowerPC® is not supported through Xilinx Technical Support, and is provided as-is. Please feel free to post your questions on the Xilinx embedded forums .

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Reference: Conor Neill on Rhetorical and Proper Speech Journey

Conor Neill on Rhetorical and Proper Speech Journey

Conor Neill

131,343 subscribers

Conor Neil's WEBSITE!!

6m:56s The Art of Learning: Attention without Judgement

1.6K views2 days ago

3m:10s How to Have a Coaching Conversation

2.6K views1 week ago

3m:30s Do you have a Career or do you have a Job?

2.2K views2 weeks ago

4m:20s Am I Trustworthy?
2.1K views3 weeks ago

6m:03sListen with Your Eyes

2.5K views4 weeks ago

52m:10s IESE Leadership Communications: Q&A with John Zimmer on Common Questions

1.5K views1 month ago

2m:33s Am I Trustworthy? Aristotle's Ethos - Experience, Virtue and Goodwill

1.4K views1 month ago

5m:23s A Life Lesson from The Game of Thrones (filmed on the Castle Walls of Ávila)

1.5K views1 month ago

12m:10s How to Lead Change in Organisations: inspired by The Arbinger Institute

1.7K views1 month ago

36m:48s How to become a Regular Vistage Speaker?

2.1K views Two-months ago

26m:31s What makes a Great Vistage Speaker? Michael Canic shares experiences from over 450 speaker sessions

966 views Two-months ago

29m:03s The Job of the CEO. Interview with Waldemar Schmidt, past-CEO of ISS, a 250,000 employee company

2.1K views Two-months ago

5m:38s Entrepreneur: How to Use a Big Conference Effectively (from 4YFN at Mobile World Congress)

1.9K views Two-months ago

2m:51s Jim Collins, How to Build an Enduring Great Company [Video 3 of 4]

1.6K views Three-months ago

3m:36s Jim Collins, How to Build an Enduring Great Company [Video 4 of 4]

1.2K views Three-months ago

2m:59s Jim Collins, How to Build an Enduring Great Company [Video 2 of 4]

949 views Three-months ago

3m:12s Jim Collins, How to Build an Enduring Great Company [Video 1 of 4]

1.6K views Three-months ago

2m:03s Are you a Consumer or Creator? (Dan Sullivan's question...)

1.6K views Three-months ago

5m:45s The Impact of Netflix (Addiction) on my Recent Creativity Levels

2.6K views Three-months ago

3m:32s Will your Dreams change the World?

3.1K views Three-months ago

5m:41s Three-Questions for a Fulfilling Life (from a Psychiatrist)

4.1K views Four-months ago

3m:04s Leadership Communications | Taking Responsibility for your Communication | Conor Neill

3.2K views Four-months ago

5m:42s Leadership Communications | How to Give & Receive Feedback | Conor Neill

4.4K views Four-months ago

12m:07s 9 New Years Resolutions for a Happier and More Productive 2019

4.3K views Four-months ago

6m:48s Leadership Communications | The Importance of Credibility (Ethos) | Conor Neill

4.3K views Five-months ago

7m:23s The 4 Levels of Listening

5.2K views Five-months ago

4m:36s The Importance of Being Clear on your Personal Purpose and Values

4K views Five-months ago

5m:14s Leadership Communications | How to Have Impact when you Speak (Practice) | Conor Neill

6K views Five-months ago

4m:52sLeadership Communications | What is Leadership Communication? | Conor Neill

4.4K views Five-months ago

7m:48s Networking as a Leader

1.9K views Five-months ago

0m:58s Nothing Brings More Opportunity into your life than Speaking Well in Public | Conor Neill

4.9K views Five-months ago

3m:19s Be a Great Follower First

1.9K views Six-months ago

5m:20s How to Hire Great People

1.5K views Six-months ago

5m:44s There are no “They”

2.2K views Six-months ago

4m:18s Commitment: The 4 levels of Commitment

2.5K views Seven-months ago

7m:30s Decision Fatigue for Leaders

2.9K views Seven-months ago

5m:24s CEO Time: In the Future? or stuck in the Present? What does Jeff Bezos say?

2K views Seven-months ago

2m:29s An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

2.2K views Eight-months ago

4m:42s The Danger of Social Media (Always work Harder on Yourself than on your Persona)

3.6K views Eight-months ago

5m:16s Teamwork: Ask for Help (especially when you don't think you need it)

2.5K views Eight-months ago

7m:35s Who can you Trust?

6.2K views Eight-months ago

8m:22s Leadership requires more than just being a good Person

3.1K views Eight-months ago

4m:31s Some People Go 24 Hours Without Hearing a Single Positive Thing Said About Them

2.7K views Nine-months ago

14m:03s Become Inspiring: How to Get the Best out of those around you

17K views Ten-months ago

3m:33s Leadership, A Definition...

2.6K views Eleven-months ago

15m:30s The ABC's of the Good Life: Action, Belief, Curiosity, Discipline, Energy & Friends

3.5K views Eleven-months ago

6m:52s Being a Servant Leader: Ken Blanchard and the 4 Important Conversations

3.1K views Eleven-months ago

3m:04s Standing out from the Crowd: If you are going to be Different, Execution must be Excellent

2.6K views One-year ago

4m:50s It's the The Homework You Don't Need to Do that Makes all the Difference
2.1K views One-year ago

3m:54s Happiness: Be Interested in the Changing Seasons
878 views One-year ago

7m:16s Book Recommendation: The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
2.7K views One-year ago

4m:40s Great Public Speaking: Speak WITH the Audience (not AT or TO) | John Zimmer
3K views One-year ago

2m:38s Jeff Bezos on High Standards
2.2K views One-year ago

7m:38s Jeff Bezos on Why Most People Fail to Achieve their Goals
4.1K views One-year ago

6m:18s Public Speaking: The 4 Types of Audience

2.4K views One-year ago

3m:39s Learning Patience - Becoming Mindful of My Daily Activities

2.7K views One-year ago

2m:4s The Worst Excuse (Kills more Dreams than Anything)

2K views One-year ago

1m:47s Why Leaders Seek Coaching - The Top 6 Reasons why Leaders Look for A Coach

1K views One-year ago

19:40s Great Books: Conor's Top 26 Recommended Books on Communication, Leadership and Life

5.1K views One-year ago

4m:52s Luck Comes when you have a Great Attitude | The Story of 2 Hotel Doormen

4.9K views One-year ago

4m:10s Love is a Generous Interpretation of the Actions of Others

1.1K views One-year ago

9m:33s Working Session with Rich & Seb: How to Prepare Powerful Communications for Video, and for the Stage

827 views One-year ago

13m:35s Freedom is difficult, but be careful of wishing for fences
1.7K views One-year ago

3m:10s The Unexamined Life

1.2K views One-year ago

2m:58s Collaboration with Christoph Magnussen - Amazon's 6 Page Memo

2.1K views One-year ago

4m:21s Listening is Seeking to Be Changed by Another Person

1.2K views One-year ago

13m:33s Good Enough is Not Enough

2K views One-year ago

3m:07s The Ant Philosophy (How to Get Anything You Want)

2.2K views One-year ago

4m:59s Leading with Character, not Charisma

3.6K views One-year ago

5m:56s Productivity 101: First Remove Bad Habits, and the Not-To-Do List

3.1K views One-year ago

7m:01s Business Success: Great Decisions, or Excellent Implementation?

1.6K views One-year ago

6m:59s How to influence people who are close to you

5.2K views One-year ago

4m:39s Purpose & Mastery: The harder to learn, the longer the passion lasts

1.2K views One-year ago

16m:30s How to Persuade People - the 3 keys

22K views One-year ago

4m:52s What went wrong (2017)? What can go right (2018)?

2.2K views One-year ago

6m:09s Philosophy: 3 Lessons from The Philosophy Book

4.8K views One-year ago

6m:52s What I say when I have Nothing to say

42K views One-year ago

9m:53s Success Lessons from Kung Fu Panda: Inner Peace and Accepting Who You Really Are

6.9K views One-year ago

1m:58s How to be Happy. Reflections on Learn to Eat Lentils Video

818 views One-year ago

3m:06s Happiness 101: Learn to Eat Lentils

1.9K views One-year ago

5m:16s Learning from the hard times | Conor Neill

3.3K views One-year ago

3m:48s The Formula for Changing People

2.3K views One-year ago

10m:55s Seven Triggers of Fascination

2K views One-year ago

9m:07s Mentorship 101: 3 Types of Mentor and 5 Conversations with Mentors

5.7K views One-year ago

2m:46s Great Management vs Good Management - The one key difference

1.9K views One-year ago

9m:16s Politics: The Dangers of Simple Answers and Angry Masses

1.2K views One-year ago

4m:45s Fully Committed: Success comes from Putting 20x More behind your Opportunities

2.3K views One-year ago

10m:30s Finding Balance between Ambition and Peace of Mind, External vs Internal Success

3.6K views One-year ago

7m:49s Leadership Development: Who Leads the Leaders?

2.4K views One-year ago

7m:13s The Power of Perspective: The 4 Seasons of our Life

2.7K views One-year ago

9m:18s Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater: The #1 Mental Hurdle You Must Overcome to Reach Your Potential

3.2K views One-year ago

7m:36s What makes a Great School? 100% Enthusiasm, 0% Cynicism... or lots of Music

1.1K views One-year ago

9m:40s How to Find Your Purpose and Define your Vision (A First Visualization Exercise)

20K views One-year ago

5m:46s Entrepreneurial Sales: 3 Keys to Successful Selling from Conor Neill

2.1K views One-year ago

7m:29s Life is Difficult. How to Handle it...

10K views One-year ago

4m:42s Success in Business (A Story from my 94 year old Uncle Jim)

1.3K views One-year ago

8m:13s Influence: The 6 Moments of Power, How to Frame your Requests for More "Yes"

3.3K views One-year ago

3m:12s The Most Important Lesson I have Learnt in Life

2.2K views One-year ago

6m:01s How to Be Boring (The 5 Specific Areas to Develop)

3K views One-year ago

4m:35s The 3 Key Moments of a Human Life (from Warren Rustand)

2.6K views One-year ago

5m:37s Innovation and the Creative Process: Ferran Adria's 3 Types of Innovation

1.2K views One-year ago

4m:24s CEO Leadership Success: The 3 Rules from the Turnaround Masters at Sequoia Capital

1.9K views One-year ago

7m:13s How to Build Trust, Improve Relationships and Enhance the Quality of our Lives

6.5K views One-year ago

8m:24s Finding a better strategy for Life, use the flow of the River

2.4K views One-year ago

17m:23s How to get 100K subscribers on YouTube | Sebastian Lora interview

697 views One-year ago

6m:50s Resilience and Mental Toughness: 3 Qualities of Mentally Strong People

2.4K views One-year ago

21m:21s 18 Influence Methods to Move People to Action

5.2K views One-year ago

3m:38s The Simplest Definition of Success (thanks to Pema Chodron)

1.8K views One-year ago

4m:44s Getting Comfortable is Deadly - The Goldfish Story...

2.7K views Two-years ago

11m:37s Verne Harnish's 5 Habits of The Leaders that will Succeed over this Coming Decade

3K views Two-years ago

10m:10s The 3 Types of Day: Free, Focus & Buffer | Finding Peace in Nature

2.7K views Two-years ago

5m:57s Excellence: The Path to Mastery and Success | Celebrating 50K Subscribers

3K views Two-years ago

10m:31s How to Sell From Stage (as a coach or consultant)

3.8K views Two-years ago

5m:20s Three Life Lessons I Learnt Playing Golf | Remembering Sergio Garcia's win at the Augusta Masters

1.4K views Two-years ago

3m:56s The Story of the Wheelbarrow | We are blind to anything beyond our Imagination

3.8K views Two-years ago

12m:36s Four Public Speaking Lessons from the IESE EMBA team 2017 | Anagor, Mueck, Rodrigues and Zimmer

6.1K views Two-years ago

6m:19s Why do Stories work in Persuasion?
2.6K views Two-years ago

12m:54s Your Success lives outside your Comfort Zone | Wise words from Kafka, Mueck, Anagor and Mills
10K views Two-years ago

12m:42s Why are Experts so often poor Communicators? This is why...

13K views Two-years ago

3m:39s Success is a Few Good Habits Repeated Every Day

8.6K views Two-years ago

9m:16s How to Improve your Clarity of Thought ("Writing is Thinking")

69K views Two-years ago

4m:42s The Warning Signs of Disaster - The Canary in the Coalmine

1.9K views Two-years ago

18m:00s How to Prepare and Deliver a great TED talk

13K views Two-years ago

4m:40sHighly Effective People - Habit #7 Sharpen the Saw

4.8K views Two-years ago

8m:40s The 5 states of Human Performance (from the Coach's Perspective)

3.6K views Two-years ago

6m:27s Start with the end in mind - Highly Effective People Habit #7

10K views Two-years ago

9m:05s How to Focus and Get Important Stuff Done (Pomodoro Method)
14K views Two-years ago

9m:41s How to Improve your Sales Process (4 Personal Habits to Develop)

9.4K views Two-years ago

3m:46s What do I teach at IESE Business School? Leadership Communication

3.2K views Two-years ago

3m:57s Finding Unconditional Peace of Mind - Objective 2017

1.9K views Two-years ago

3m:20s Setting My 2017 Goals - Take Video Seriously, Accountability Groups

1.9K views Two-years ago

4m:30s We Must Learn How to Spot Fake Leaders

12K views Two-years ago

1m:45s 3 Steps to Achieve Anything (by my Daughter)

982 views Two-years ago

5m:38s Take Aways from EO Leadership Academy Conor Neill & Christoph Magnussen

1.1K views Two-years ago

4m:34s Harvard Conference Opening Remarks: Creating High Performing Teams

7.3K views Two-years ago

m3:37s Hassle Reduction: A simple, actionable step to Build High Performing Teams

1.3K views Two-years ago

6m:26s Building a Culture of Accountability in your Organisation

7K views Two-years ago

2:23s The 3 Necessary Factors for Career Success

3.6K views Two-years ago

7m:07s Leading Teams in Organisations: Everything You Need to Know

5.1K views Two-years ago

0m:46s Playlist Intro: Learning from Great Commencement Speeches

1.5K views Two-years ago

3m:44s Making Improvements: The Path to Mastery

3.3K views Three-years ago

2:12s How to Enjoy Networking: 3 Good Questions

1.3K views Three-years ago

24m:02s Conor Neill Keynote at Mobile World Congress #4YFN 2016 - 3 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

7K views Three-years ago

4m:39s Leading Teams: The 6 People Decisions you Must Make as a New Leader

5.7K views Three-years ago

1m:48s Making Changes that Stick, Building Habits

2.4K views Three-years ago

2m:44s Leading In Times of Uncertainty

2.4K views Three-years ago

2m:36s 4 ways of dealing with Anxiety

16K views Three-years ago

4m:36s The Single Most Important Thing We Can Learn in School

6.3K views Three-years ago

3m:23s The Single Most Important Ingredient in Becoming Influential

58K views Four-years ago\

1m:11s Public Speaking: Reason alone is Not Enough

6.8K views Four-years ago

1m:33s The Problem of Negative Self-Talk

9.6K views Four-years ago

1m:52s Speaking: Get Clear on your Message

27K views Four-years ago

5m:18s What is a Story? Why do we need Stories in Business?

8.7K views Four-years ago

1m:56s Speak as a Leader: Lesson 4 - Communicating Values

6.4K views Five-years ago

1m:23s What makes a Story worth listening to?

18K views Five-years ago

2m:22s 3 Steps to Write your Speech

25K views Five-years ago

1m:01s The Most Important Thing the Speaker can do for the Audience

10K views Five-years ago

3m:07s How to make the move from Speaker to Teacher

4K views Five-years ago

2m:43s How to get the best out of your Communications Course

5.5K views Five-years ago

0m:47s How to Give a Speech in another language

4.8K views Five-years ago

1m:15s Negative Body Language Hurts Team Performance

4.7K views Five-years ago

1m:10s Should I use Powerpoint?
8.9K views Five-years ago

2m:22s How to manage Anxiety

17K views Five-years ago

2m:52s How to Ask for Constructive Feedback on your Communications

18K views Five-years ago

22m:03s Leaders Need Mentors: A Meaningful Life is About Overcoming Obstacles

9.5K views Five-years ago

2m:32s I Want You To Be Powerful (4 Keys)

30K views Five-years ago

1m:35s 3 Steps to More Confidence (...and more Authority)

41K views Five-years ag

2m:48s How to Master Effective Communication [Course]

8.5K views Five-years ago

2m:41s 3 Power Tools of Projecting Personal Power

21K views Five-years ago

1m:22s What does it take to Succeed?

2.8K views Five-years ago

3m:12s A New Chapter Only Opens When An Old Chapter is Closed

3.6K views Five-years ago

10m:11s Entrepreneurial Leadership: Faith, Hope & Love, Conor Neill Global Entrepreneurship Week

15K views Five-years ago

14m:47s The 5 Leadership Styles

138K views Six-years ago

6m:57s Good Business Books

11K views Six-years ago

4m:31s How to Get Things Done

42K views Six-years ago

2m:41s The 5 Paths to Communication Failure

27K views Six-years ago

7m:23s Dealing with Objections

128K views Six-years ago

1m:22s Winning: 10 seconds or a lifetime of practice?

3.4K views Six-years ago

1m:00s Persuasion is not Manipulation

40K views Six-years ago

3m:45s Camerata Ireland - Beethoven 2nd Piano Concerto in B

3K views Seven-years ago

1m:52s Barry Douglas plays Danny Boy

9.4K views Seven-years ago

4m:41s The Psychology of High Performance

46K views 7 years ago

2m:22s Growth Summit Europe 2012

642 views 7 years ago

8m:47s How to Start a Speech

9.1M views 7 years ago

2m:15s Diagnosis is important before presenting the Solution

12K views Seven-years ago

2m:08s Dealing with a Hostile Audience

20K views Seven-years ago

3m:55s Seven Elements of an Entrepreneurial Pitch

22K views Seven-years ago

2m:35s Six Steps to get your Email read

14K views Seven-years ago

3m:55s Connect to an emotion to commit to new action

28K views Seven-years ago

1m:13s Persuading with Story

46K views Six years ago

6m:30s Improve Your Speaking

1.2M views 7-years ago

1m:50s Two-Ways to Call to Action

55K views Seven-years ago

2m:07s The First Step in Preparing a Persuasive Speech

88K views 7 years ago

3m:31s Three-Benefits of Keeping a Journal

42K views Seven-years ago

3m:13s How to Manage Your Time Effectively

12K views Seven-years ago

2m:15s Great speaking, how much should I practice?

15K views Seven-years ago

3m:10s Four-types of Audience for your Speech

28K views Eight-years ago

2m:42s The Three-Pillars of Persuasion

68K views Eight-years ago

2m:38s Four-Steps to Improve Your Public Speaking

238K views Eight-years ago

3m:01s Five-Aspects of a Powerful Speaking Voice

207K views Eight-years ago


Eclipse 500 in Sabadell

666k views Eight-years ago