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All material on this page is published for discussion purposes only. It should not be relied upon, in whole or in part, as the basis for any medical decision. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.
Note: We do not suggest the use of peroxide higher than 3% solution for this inhaling method. H202 is dangerous at dosages higher than 3% if not properly diluted.

Bill Munro (March 19,1924) from Waterford, Michigan writes, "I have been inhaling 3% peroxide for over 13 years. And had a bout with Melanoma and Prostate cancer at the same time. At no time would I let anything like a salve be on my open Melanoma because that would take away the oxygen needed to heal from the outside. The peroxide I inhale would supply the oxygen on the inside. I increased the times that I inhale the peroxide into my mouth to 7 or 8 times a day.…
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DiY Marine/Maritine WaterMaker

DiY Marine/Maritine WaterMaker

Drink Dr. Prepper, the Survivalists?

ARE YOU READY?Many isolationist oriented preppers project egos of knowledge.

Many preppers have a huge game plans tinkering and thinking themselves experts.

Many preppers are easily traceable into rejects general population/society.

Many preppers are still living in their mother's basement whether be`it they have or have not ever, cause similarities are shockingly remarkable similar.

Many preppers  hide-out in many regions nationwide all pretending to have created these few handy tips that origins are from articles in the farmers almanac regards homesteading. 

... shame on this 98% average of fake preppers ...

Many preppers boast of their supplies a person needs with shelter that in the real world must last over around 3 yrs, and never 6 months, prepper idiots!

“Two is one. One is none.” Assume something will go wrong with your food-provisions and-or your physical survival gear(s).

Rule of Three, (originated from the native-American-culture and not preppers), a…

W3C-Validator Ubunut-Fix


Install wc3 markup validator locally

How to install and use w3c markup validator on Ubuntu 13.10 locally? I know I can install it by installing following packages:
sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-perl2 sudo apt-get install w3c-markup-validator
but how do I configure it to use it same way as on-line version (that is by web browser), but locally?

Its uses CGI to work, and is probably designed for a webserver - the script on ubuntu seems to be located at /usr/lib/cgi-bin/w3c-markup-validator/check. Also: 24 '14 at 14:42

If you find a way to use the validator offline, can you reply with detailed steps please, I was also looking for that :) – MrVaykadjiMay 24 '14 at 14:59
 2 Answers: Good news! So if you have apache2 already installed, you install W3C Validator and Perl:
sudo apt-get ins…

IP Subnet 1-32 references


IP Subnet 1-32 references
What Is a Subnet? An IP address contains data-set numbers identifying  networks billions of computers are connected to.

The computer and-or host home-PC computer itself has an IP address associated with a single MAC-address, (MAC-Address-Example; 10:k7:98:y8:20:b7 ),  provides a way of networking hardware to recognize the network as well as the host segments of an IP address attached to Mac-Addresses.

This is were sub-netting can be exampled keeping people connected listed below.

All subnets for are:

  CIDR block     IP range (network - broadcast)     Subnet Mask     IP Quantity -     1 -     2 -     4 -     8 -     255.25…

Ultra Low Latency Server Huge-page Config

Ultra Low Latency Server Huge-page Config

# Uncomment the following to stop low-level messages on console kernel.printk = 3 4 1 3
# /etc/sysctl.conf - Configuration file for setting system variables # See /etc/sysctl.d/ for additional system variables. # See sysctl.conf (5) for information. # net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 1 #
# Increase maximum amount of memory allocated to shm # Increase size of file handles and inode cache fs.file-max = 209715200000 #
# Increase size of Kernel Memory Sharing kernel.shmmax = 51539607552 kernel.shmmni = 515396075 kernel.shmall = 51539607552
vm.hugepages_treat_as_movable=24576 vm.nr_hugepages=24576 vm.nr_hugepages_mempolicy=24576 vm.nr_overcommit_hugepages=24576


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